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Hydrotherapy - treatment using water (temperature and pressure)

1. SCOCK BEATING - it is a treatment using hot and cold water, alternately and under pressure. They have a strong mechanical, stimulative effect. They are used to fight cellulite, neurosis. In connection with the rapid change of water temperature, they cause training of blood vessels, which is used in the prevention of cold diseases. The procedure lasts 8 - 12 minutes.

2. hydromassage - a water massage with a slightly stronger effect than the whirlpool. It can be applied to both healthy and sick people. It has many applications including obesity, flaccid and spastic paralysis, the need for relaxation and many others. Duration of treatment: 20 min.

3. underwater massage - it is a treatment in a bathtub filled with water, performed with the use of concentrated spraying with adjustable pressure and temperature of water. This type of massage increases blood circulation and lymph flow. Duration of treatment: 20 min.

4. SPRINKLES - this procedure uses for therapeutic purposes the effect of the temperature of the water and its mechanical influence connected with the whirling motion. Duration of treatment 15 - 20 min.

5. SOLANKA - a water treatment with the use of healing salts, used in chronic inflammatory and painful conditions of muscles, joints and nerves, conditions with increased muscle tension, and even in insomnia and hypothyroidism. Duration of treatment: 20 - 30 min.

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