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nformation pool building (p. 106) (058) 674 61 23 , 792001955

Prices: aerobics auqa 14zł classes (min. 4 entries), other classes 10zł (pass 8 entries 64zł)


We accept registrations for Aerobics and Gymnastics, Nordic Walking included in fitness and slimming holidays. We provide assistance in the exchange of experience in losing weight.


Class Description:

  • Nordic Walking - walking with sticks
  • - during Nordic Walking training, we engage over 90% of the whole body muscles, the heart rate increases by about 5 -17 beats per minute
  • - energy expenditure increases by an average of 20%, can be up to a 46% increase,,
  • - release of tension in the neck and shoulder area
  • - training saves both knees and joints
  • during an hour-long walk with poles you can burn at least 400 calories
  • poles give a sense of security and allow effective, dynamic training
  • March - an active walk outdoors at a moderate pace along with total body exercises. Excellent work that will allow us to cleanse and activate the body. Excellent work that will allow us to cleanse and activate the body.
  • Aqua Aerobics - general development classes, aerobics in water, safe for joints and muscles. You do not need to know how to swim to participate in the classes. Even a large number of repetitions in water is safe for the body.
  • Fitness room - training to strengthen the whole body (bikes, treadmills, BS, ABT, TBC) conducted under the supervision of a qualified instructor who will advise on how to exercise to improve fitness, strengthen individual muscle parts, or get rid of some extra pounds.
  • Gymnastics 40+ - the first part of the class is a simple aerobic warm-up (will improve circulation and prepare the body for exercise), the second part is to strengthen all parts of the body, with particular emphasis on the muscles that stabilize the spine (abdominals, buttocks, thighs and co) using techniques: Pilates, TBC, ABT, Body Ball, BS, Callanetics, Stretching . ( first part about 30 min.)
  • Aerobic - choreographic classes. Depending on the level of advancement, choreography consists of simple or very complex steps, whose performance improves coordination, motor memory, sense of rhythm, stimulating the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Step - intensive choreographed exercises with the use of a step of varying difficulty level. It is a training modeling the lower body parts such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs. Second part (BS, ABT, TBC, Dody Ball, Easy Ball, Stretching, Callanetics).
  • BS - (Body Shape) - classes in the hall strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle, spine, abdomen, buttocks and lower limbs using light weights.
  • ABT - classes shaping the lower muscles (abdomen, thighs, buttocks), improve the appearance and stabilize the figure.
  • TBC - (Total Body Conditioning) - general development classes in the form of interval training, during which all muscle parts are involved. High intensity classes in which dynamic exercises predominate. The dynamic part of the lesson includes a choreography with strengthening.
  • Pilates - is good regardless of age or health status. The main advantage of the exercises is their incredible effectiveness. Their essence is to stretch, tense and relax muscles. This system is aimed at improving flexibility, strength, balance and awareness of your body. The secret of Pilates is strong development of the center of our body - the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis. The workout will improve balance, stability and conditioning of our body. It is important to breathe correctly, full exhalation allows you to reach the deepest parts of the abdominal muscles. Pilates is a method aimed at creating balance in the body.
  • Body Ball - (exercises with a large ball), Easy Ball - (exercises with a small ball), the ball is breaking into gyms, will diversify the training of both beginners and more advanced thanks to this training you will firm the thighs, strengthen the abdominal muscles and back, and improve the cardiovascular respiratory system.
  • Callanetics - slimming and firming exercises, strengthening and stretching, aimed at different parts of the body, basically correct abdomen and buttocks. The result of hard work is a slimmer figure, strengthened back muscles allow you to maintain and shape the correct posture.
  • Stretching - muscle stretching exercises, mandatory after every workout. It improves the range of motion in the joints. Muscles become elastic and strong. Thanks to stretching, we stretch and make muscles more flexible, and we have a relaxing effect. Stretching exercises should be treated as an integral part of any training, it is worth including them in everyday life, so that the muscles are longer, the figure slimmer, and the range of motion in the joints greater. In this way, you will also reduce the risk of injury, and your well-being will improve.
  • Also a dance class format:
    • Dance, Latino - introducing participants to the world of hot Latin American rhythms, with music - soul, hip-hop, techno, rap, pop.
    • Movements that force all muscles to work. (first part up to 30min)

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