Sunday, 02. October 2022

Sports and clothing store "Aquapolis"

Welcome to the sports and clothing store "AQUAPOLIS" located on the premises of the indoor swimming pool Aquarius at COS OPO Cetniewo.

On offer:
- swimming articles for adults and children (swimming caps, goggles, flip-flops, swimwear, men's swimming trunks, boxers and shorts, rings, sleeves, water mattresses, children's swimming pampers
- fragrance oils for the sauna
- nutrients for athletes,
- clothing (men's and women's)
- beach articles (blankets, bath towels, screens, sunbathing oils)
- toys for children,

In addition, we serve:
- cold drinks
- aromatic coffee, tea and chocolate to go
- sweets,
- ice-creams

You can pay by card.

Store on Facebook, tel. 577 107 665.

The store is open during swimming pool opening hours.


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