Thursday, 30. November 2023

Request for proposal for placing an ATM at COS OPO Cetniewo

We would like to ask you whether you would be interested in placing your cash machine in the summer season in the area of COS-OPO in Władysławowo - the external area by the fence of the Centre.

For many years the ATM has operated in the offered place during the summer season. The place is very attractively situated - at the entrance to the Olympic Preparations Center at Żeromskiego 52 Street, next to the Center's security building - it is a very busy place in the summer season - it is located at the passageway of provincial road No. 215, in connection with the street leading directly to the beach. Area to lease 3m2.

Lease terms:
- contract for three years - 2021-2023;
- apart from the rent, it is necessary to provide for payment for electric energy and installation of sub-meter;
- the proposed net rent amount, please specify in relation to one season;
- Deadline for submitting the offer - 10 days after receiving the letter. Please send your offer, and any specific questions to: with a copy to

Terms of the lease agreement may be negotiated.

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